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    The Zvezda Limited Liability Company was founded on July 1, 1990. During the last 20 years, the company has grown from a small company into the largest Russian manufacturer of model kits and board games. Since the early 2000’s, it has been one of Russia’s largest exporters.

    There are more than 200 employees working at the Zvezda company. Our caring attitude towards our employees and attentive adherence to the Russian Federation labor code has brought us great benefits. Over 20 years of operation, the turnover rate of employees at Zvezda has been extremely low, and the majority of the employees have been working there for more than 10 years. When hiring new workers, Zvezda ensures a respectable salary and offers career growth opportunities for all prospective employees. This enables us to retain our experienced workforce.

    Over 500 different products are currently produced under the Zvezda trademark, and we always look to expand our product range, producing more than 80 new items per year. We now distribute our products to all regions of Russia, and to more than 50 other countries around the world.


    The Zvezda brand is associated with consistently high-quality product and reasonable prices throughout the world market. This began way back in 1993, when Zvezda won its investment tender and acquired the Lobnya Plastic Toys Factory for its production base. The large capacity of this factory has allowed the company to constantly expand and improve its product range.

    Of course, the factory itself has been modernized since that time, and we are currently commissioning a new facility with even greater capacity.

    Zvezda’s success is based on a number of factors: a steady expansion of the product range; the development of multiple business streams within the toy industry; increasing production capacity; domestic and foreign activities; and the pursuit of ever-improving product quality.

    Russian-made products rival those from Germany, Italy, England, and Japan, which all traditionally impose high standards for the quality of model kits.

    Zvezda is an exclusive distributor for the largest companies in the model industry, including DRAGON (China) and Italeri (Italy).
    Zvezda is an active member of the Association of Children’s Products Manufacturers (ACPM).

    Zvezda has become a “guiding star” for many Russian toy manufacturers while developing its worldwide market. For some time (since 1994), Zvezda has been the sole Russian manufacturer present at the Spielwarenmesse in Nurnberg (Germany), the world’s largest international toy fair.

    In 2002, it became the first Russian company to exhibit at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas (USA), which is sponsored by the Game Manufacturers Association, and became an exhibitor at the International Spiel Toy Fair in Essen (Germany).

    Zvezda’s board games and model kits continue to gain acceptance, time and again receiving awards from prestigious modeling magazines such as MODELL FAN & KIT (Germany) and 1001 Toys, M-Hobby Russia. The company has received 40 awards and nominations for “Model of the Year” awards.

    It is also worth noting that more than half our range of products are military, commercial aircraft, and naval scale replicas of vehicles and machinery. Zvezda models embrace many eras of history, from the ancient world to the modern day. Historical accuracy and scale are always maintained. This is possible thanks to the cooperation of leading development design offices, such as Sukhoi Design Bureau, MiG, Tupolev, Airbus, Boeing, and others.

    Our products are often focused on patriotic themes. In 2010, an entire model kit line was devoted to the military detachments and machines of the Soviet forces that existed during the time of the Great Patriotic War. The historical accuracy of these model kits was confirmed by many military historians and competent journalists in the fields of military machines and model making. Every one of these models can be assembled and used on its own or with the specifically-designed game system called Art of Tactic.

    At the moment, this line includes 150 model kits and three starter game sets. New games in this series are under development, including an alternate history story of a confrontation between the USSR and the USA, and a game focused on the naval battles of the 16th Century. In the near future, additional games will be developed using the Art of Tactic system.

    Zvezda always forges ahead. Since 2000, we have successfully developed in a new and promising direction: family board games. We manufacture both licensed games and internally developed titles from our own design staff. There are now more than 60 board game titles distributed under the Zvezda trademark. Part of the line features a wide variety of learning games designed for children that meet the exacting demands of the modern market. All of our games feature beautiful illustrations and exciting game mechanics, making Zvezda products more attractive to the consumer.

    In 2008, Zvezda published the Heroes of the World board game and presented it to the world in English, French, and German editions. This successfully placed Zvezda on the worldwide board game market. We continue to cooperate with premier international publishing companies, such as KOSMOS, HUCH & Friends, Playroom Entertainment, Eggertspiele, and more.

    In 2010, Zvezda’s The Black Pearl ship model kit was the best licensed product according to Disney’s ratings. In 2013, as our production continues to expand, Disney and Zvezda have reached an agreement which grants us the right to distribute licensed products in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the United States.

    While Zvezda’s main activities are directed towards making a profit, the management does not forget its social duty. The company contributes charitable support to many schools, nurseries, foundations, and non-profit organizations. Our efforts have earned us commendations from the following organizations:

    - “Children and Young People Are Against Terrorism and Extremism” International Charitable Foundation;

    - Figure Skating Federation of Moscow Region;

    - Dyatkovskiy Aviation Cadet Corps, named after I.A. Kashin, the Soviet Union Hero;

    - “Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Heart” International Children Creativity Competition, sponsored by UNESCO and others.

    Zvezda is also an official permanent sponsor of the local Water Polo Team in Lobnya. The Managing Director of the company is a Candidate Master of Sports in Water Polo, and he realizes the special features and needs of water polo players. In 2012, the Water Polo Team won the Second Senior Degree, and held the official games at the beginning of 2013. The team is supported financially through gifts and advertising in local newspapers and magazines.
    We have a skilled and capable staff, eager to serve. As the motto chosen when the company was formed defines our purpose: “You will succeed when you do what you like and know!” This principal has guided the company since the beginning, and continues to do so into the future.

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