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    Samurai Battles
    6413Samurai Battles

    Samurai Battles puts you in command of brave warriors clashing on the battlefields of feudal Japan! Assemble your army using magnificently detailed and historically accurate miniatures, then face your opponent on an endless variety of battlefields created from beautifully painted terrain and elevation tiles.

    You can play Samurai Battles two different ways:

    Command & Colors: Designed by Richard Borg, this award-winning game system features a fast-paced, card-driven mechanic to represent the «fog of war». Special Dragon cards along with Honor and Fortune tokens will influence your luck in the thick of the battle!

    Art of Tactic: Designed by Konstantin Krivenko, this game system requires wits and strategy. You and your opponent secretly plan your moves every turn, then the actions of your warriors are resolved simultaneously—just like a real battle!

    Both game systems are easy to learn, and offer deep strategic and tactical challenges to please every fan of historical board games.

    Samurai Battles is the perfect blend of the beautiful and the historic—and the perfect way to explore the exciting battles of medieval Japan! So grab your katana and take up your naginata: Glory and honor await you in Samurai Battles!

    Game Contents:

    122 Medieval Japanese plastic figures
    6 Double-sided game boards
    30 Double-sided terrain tiles
    30 Honor & Fortune tokens
    13 Elevation tiles
    24 Unit cards
    60 Command cards
    38 Dragon cards
    2 Samurai Victory Record cards
    8 Battle dice
    6 D20 dice
    2 Water-based markers
    1 Set of decals
    1 Set of sahimono flags
    2 Rule books
    2 Scenario books
    8 Ashigaru infantry spearmen
    2 Samurai HQ
    4 Ashigaru infantry bowmen
    4 Samurai Commanders
    2 Ashigaru infantry harquebus
    4 Samurai infantry naginata
    4 Samurai cavalry yari

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