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    World War II: Battle for Moscow, 1941
    6215World War II: Battle for Moscow, 1941

    World War II Starter Set

    General Winter has reported for duty!

    It’s the winter of 1941, and the Germans are perched on the edge of Moscow itself! Can the brave Soviets cobble together a strong enough defense to keep the mighty Wehrmacht out of the capital? Take command yourself and see if you have the skills to emerge victorious! In this battle, though, you will have to contend not only with your foe, but also the frigid Russian winter!

    Battle for Moscow, 1941 is set in the tense weeks of the 1941 winter, when the Germans came the closest to capturing the Soviet capital city. The modular board and terrain tiles allow you to recreate nearly any battlefield. The game includes 7 exciting ready-to-play scenarios, and new scenarios will be added to our website to keep the action going!

    Barbarossa, 1941 features the Origins Award nominated Art of Tactic system. This unique playing system features simultaneous play for both players to keep the action intense. The rules are easy to learn because all of the information you need for each unit in the game are printed on the special unit cards included. You’ll never have to look up a chart to see what each unit can do!

    For 2 players or teams, ages 10 and up.

    Battle for Moscow, 1941 includes:

    19 highly detailed and historically accurate plastic models:

    10 German units

    9 Soviet units

    19 Unit cards

    1 set of fortifications (pillbox, dragon’s teeth, barbed wire, and a pontoon bridge)

    entrenchment markers

    6 double-sided game boards

    30 double-sided terrain hexes

    6 plastic elevation hexes


    scenario book

    2 player aids

    10 dice

    2 water-based markers

    game cards

    Learn more about World War II Art of Tactic here:

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