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    Experience Zvezda Games at Origins!

    Experience Zvezda Games at Origins!

    June 3 2015

    The Origins game convention is only a few weeks away, and we hope to see you there! If you’re looking for some awesome Zvezda game action, we’ve got you covered with TEN fantastic events and tournaments. Spaces are limited, so make sure you register early!

    Wednesday, 8 pm: Ultimate Panzer Smackdown!  - Featuring Art of Tactic World War II
    Germany’s 1942 Panzer offensive—will the German Panzers or the Guards Tank Army prevail?

    Thursday, 10 am: Greatest Air Battle in History? - Zvezda War College Debate
    Which air battle was the greatest ever? Join our panel of military historians and see what they think!

    Thursday, 12 pm: Struggle for Stalingrad - Featuring Art of Tactic World War II
    Can the German 4th Panzer Army reach the Volga and Stalingrad?

    Thursday, 7pm: Get Tanked! - Featuring Tank Combat
    Join the Zvezda team at Barley’s for our third annual Tank Combat tournament and help us polish off a keg of “Point of Origin” beer! (Sorry, adults only.)
    For the last two years, this event has sold out quickly, so make sure you buy your tickets from Origins Registration early!

    Friday, 10 am: Greatest Naval Battle in History? - Zvezda War College Debate
    Which naval battle was the greatest ever? Join our panel of military historians and see what they think!

    Friday, 12 pm: Stalingrad Encircled - Featuring Art of Tactic World War II
    Can the Soviet counterattack cut off the German 6th Army and trap it in Stalingrad?

    Friday, 7pm: Get Broadsided! - Featuring Armada Invincible
     Join the Zvezda team at Barley’s for our second annual Armada Invincible tournament and help us polish off a keg of “Point of Origin” beer! (Sorry, adults only.)
    Last year, this event has sold out quickly, so make sure you buy your tickets from Origins Registration early!

    Saturday, 11 am: Stalingrad Break Out - Featuring Art of Tactic World War II
    It’s the German 6th Army’s last chance to escape from certain destruction in the ruins of Stalingrad!

    Saturday, 2 pm: The Ultimate Waterloo - Featuring Art of Tactic rules
    Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s last battle—can he best Wellington before Blucher arrives?

    Sunday, 11am: Pirates of the Spanish Main - Featuring Armada Invincible
    English privateers must capture the Spanish treasure ship—before the Spanish Galleons can rescue her!


    La-5 & I-16 Soviet Fighters

    La-5 & I-16 Soviet Fighters

    February 9 2016

    Dear friends! Happy to say two new model kits are already on the market: La-5 1:144 I-16 1:144
    Toy Fair Nuremberg 2016

    Toy Fair Nuremberg 2016

    January 27 2016

    Dear Colleagues! Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2016 will take place January 27 through February 1 in Nuremberg. This year Zvezda will as usual exhibit its model kits at Stand C-63, Hall 7. We will present our new boardgames and game systems at Stand E-10, Hall 10.1. At this Toy Fair we will demonstrate our innovative products, introduce our plans, discuss possible cooperation. Zvezda team will be happy to welcome you at our stands. See you in Nuremberg!
    Soviet dive bomber Petlyakov PE-2

    Soviet dive bomber Petlyakov PE-2

    October 16 2015

    The Petlyakov PE-2, also known as “Peshka”, was a Soviet light bomber used during World War II. Designed by Vladimir Petlyakov, PE-2 dive bomber quickly proved itself to be a highly capable aircraft and became one of the most widespread used bombers, not only in Soviet Air Force, but in several other countries. PE-2 aircraft found itself used in more applications than just a standard bomber model - it was used as a heavy fighter, reconnaissance, night fighter and a trainer. The history of PE-2 inspired our designer to create this plastic model. Building the model in scale 1/48 would be a pleasure for both beginning modelers and professionals. The kit consists of 435 parts, which allows you to build a highly detailed model. You can literally see the cabin of a pilot and radio operator, the landing gear and the engine compartment. Optionally, you can set an engine exhaust system. We offer an additional bonus for modelers - propeller blades do not require glue to be pasted. Enjoy building our plastic model of the Soviet dive bomber Petlyakov PE-2!
    Game Review World War II: Stalingrad 1942-1943 By Serge Pierro

    Game Review World War II: Stalingrad 1942-1943 By Serge Pierro

    September 8 2015

    Historical Miniature War Game The Russian company Zvezda is well known in the model community for their extensive line of plastic military models. However, many readers may be unfamiliar with the fact that they also produce a line of war games. Let’s take a look at their latest offering, World War II: Stalingrad 1942-1943, a starter set for their popular World War II series that features their proprietary Art of Tactic system. The game can be divided into two areas of interest: the models and the game play. Let’s first take a look at Zvezda’s area of expertise, the models. Simply put, the models are nothing short of outstanding! The highly detailed figures come in four separate bags and need to be removed from the plastic sprues and assembled. As a bonus, the vast majority of models can be snapped together without the need for glue and that was what we did to see how they would hold up in gameplay. The tolerances varied amongst the models, some of them were near seamless in their attachment, while others had a more visible gap. I believe that may have had more to do with me, than the models themselves, as some of the pieces need to be inserted at specific angles in order to have a proper fit. Which brings us to the size of the pieces. There are some incredibly small pieces included and they proved to be quite challenging to grip and put together. Experienced modelers will no doubt have an easier time assembling these, but I needed to glue some small detailed pieces just because I wouldn’t be able to assemble them otherwise. There is an assembly booklet included for the models, however, care must be taken in reading the instructions, as there are a couple of errors in the placement and mounting of pieces, which proved to be a bit frustrating until this was discovered. The assembled models look great, though if you are going to paint them, you will want to putty any of the visible gaps. Although I didn’t have the time to paint the models, I would look forward to attempting it, as they are quite detailed and look quite impressive. For some reason the game comes with the Third Edition rules for the World War II series. Although interesting, the included examples picture units not included in this game. Not only that, but there are sections for Aircraft, which are also not included, as well as a long list of excellent features, however, once again many of them are not relevant to the game at hand. Why would you include the main rulebook for a system when this is supposed to be a starter set to introduce players to the game? Seeing as there was a great deal of information inside the rulebook it made it much harder than necessary to get up and playing the game ASAP. This problem seemed to echo throughout the package, excellent ideas, yet poor documentation. Maybe it is because of the Russian to English translation, but I find it hard to believe that someone would think that it was a good idea to include this rulebook instead of one geared towards instructing new players on how to play the game using the models that were included. That said, the overall system does look to be one that a dedicated wargamer would be interested in and would have certainly welcomed its inclusion, had there also been a separate guide for the relevant game itself. As with most wargames, it includes a Campaign book. This was nicely laid out, as each scenario was shown as a two page spread and displayed the boards and photographs of the figures that were to be used and where they were to be placed on the map. Also included were the Objectives, set up rules and Scenario Special rules. One of the nice features is that the scenarios can be played in order and at the end of each scenario, the surviving units “gain experience”, and may have their Accuracy or Defense increased by one for the following scenario. At the heart of the game is the brilliant Art of Tactic system. Essentially, each player has a dry-wipe card for each of their units and will use one of the included markers to keep track of stats and such, but more importantly, to give orders. This is where the game really shines. The writing down of the orders for each individual unit is what separates this game from others and makes it into a more realistic representation of an actual battle. Games such as Heroes of Normandie use a set of blocks with different numbers on them for initiative and resolve them in the designated order. While this is a somewhat adequate system, it doesn’t deliver a realistic approach to combat, since each revealed block carries out its turn and the following blocks can now base their turn on the current situation on the board. However, with the Art of Tactic, each player writes down on the unit card the orders that the player wants the unit to take, right down to what square to move to. Players then reveal all the orders on the cards and they are resolved simultaneously. There is no adjusting your strategy when you see where an opponent moved, like in other games. This is a great system and reminds me of my youth when I would draw out bombing missions for the Avalon Hill game Luftwaffe, where planes would have to follow the bombing routes, regardless of the situation. Zvezda uses the Art of Tactic system for other games that they publish, such as The Ships, Battle for Oil and Samurai Battles. Even with the shaky documentation, this is a game that wargamers should take a look at. If you are looking for something more substantial than Memoir ‘44, than this would be a good choice, as the models are excellent, as well as is the Art of Tactic game system. Zvezda should seriously consider a separate rulebook for future editions that are relevant to the game purchased. The Third Edition rulebook was nice to have as an overview of the system, but beginners are going to want something more along the lines of a Quick Start guide. The game play is what you would normally expect from a game of this nature, the main difference being the use of the Art of Tactic system. There is a great deal of depth for those who are looking to explore and dig deeper into the system, as the rulebook gives many examples of the possible options available to the players. This is an interesting system that deserves more exposure within the marketplace. I would have loved to have had this game when I was a kid! By Game Nite Magazine.
    Armada Invincible Nominated for 2015 Origins Awards!

    Armada Invincible Nominated for 2015 Origins Awards!

    April 22 2015

    We are delighted to be able to announce that our golden age of sail battle game Armada Invincible has just been nominated as a “Best New Historical Board Game” for the 2015 Origins Awards! We couldn’t be more honored or exited that the Academy of Adventure Games and Design has chosen to recognize our game as one of the best in its category. We would like to thank them for choosing Armada Invincible out of the many excellent new games in its category. The competition for the award is sure to be tough, with other excellent games receiving nominations. We are sure that whichever game wins the award will be an excellent representative of the historical board game hobby. Attendees of the Origins Game Fair will have the chance to vote for the Fan Favorite Award. We hope that you will be there, and that you vote Armada Invincible!
    5 New Model Kits

    5 New Model Kits

    February 4 2015

    We are happy to announce the upcoming release of 5 new model kits for all adventure and war-game lovers! Soon you will be able to add 4 new units (in 1:72) to your Russian and French armies for the 1812 battlefield: - Russian Foot Artillery (1812-1814) - French Foot Artillery (1812-1814) - Russian Dragoons (1812-1814) - French Dragoons (1812-1814) Meanwhile, for those who dream about navigation in the romantic age of sailing ships and fine scale models, we present the Santa Maria—Christopher Columbus' flagship for his historic voyage—in 1:350. This kit includes 38 detailed parts, and makes a great display, or you can use her for The Ships game system! All 5 kits are perfect for modelers and gamers. You'll be impressed by the high-quality detail and historically accurate reproduction. Check them out!
    Nuremberg Toy Fair

    Nuremberg Toy Fair

    January 31 2015



    January 29 2015

    Fly high with us! Your imagination can travel long distances with the upcoming Airbus A-321 model! Check out these 3D renders of the new kit. You may notice a few differences from the A-320 model—the A-321 has a stretched fuselage (it's the longest in the A320 family). This kit also has a new glass sprue, more detailed engines, and antennas. The quality and detail of this new kit is sure to delight any fan of civil aviation models! The Airbus A321 model kit will be released in 2015.
    2015 Releases Part 2

    2015 Releases Part 2

    January 22 2015

    The second part of our 2015 releases is arriving and we are happy to announce these new model kits.


    January 12 2015

    It's happen! New releases is here and we are proud to announce our new model kits. In January we will share the second part of our upcoming model kits in 1:72 scale. 4809 SOVIET DIVE BOMBER PE-2 4816 GERMAN FIGHTER AIRCRAFT MESSERSCHMITT BF-109 G6 3601 GERMAN HEAVY TANK Т-VIB «KING TIGER» 3616 «KING TIGER» WITH PORSCHE TURRET 3634 GAZ M1 SOVIET CAR 3665 RUSSIAN MODERN INFANTRY 7012 BOEING 777 7017 AIRBUS А-321 7306 Ju-87B2 Stuka 3636 BMPT “Terminator” 7278 Russian fighter Mikoyan MiG-29S (9-13) 7269 HEAVY NIGHT FIGHTER JUNKERS JU-88 G6 9052 Soviet Battleship «Marat» 3667 T-35 heavy tank 5020 Russian Tank T-90

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